Frozen Prepared

Prepared Entrée - Cabbage Rolls


Loaded with lean ground pork and beef with rice and bacon, hand wrapped in cabbage and smothered in ..

Prepared Entrée - Garden Vegetable Lasagna


Delicious vegetarian lasagna loaded with garden vegetables in a zesty Italian sauce with ricotta, co..

Aussie Handmade Meat Pie - Chicken Curry


Individual Frozen  - Chicken Curry - All natural, no preservatives ..

Aussie Handmade Meat Pie - Steak and Gravy


Individual Frozen - All natural, no preservatives ..

Aussie Handmade Meat Pie - Steak and Mushroom


Individual Frozen - Steak and Gravy pie with freshly diced Mushrooms - All natural, no preservatives..

Aussie Handmade Meat Pie - Steak, Bacon and Cheese


Individual Frozen - Steak, Bacon and Cheese - All natural, no preservatives ..

Prepared Entrée - "Best Ever" Meatloaf


800 grams (Serves Approx. 4) - Perfectly seasoned meatloaf with carrot and cheddar topped with a tan..

Prepared Entrée - Chicken Pot Pie


1.1 Kilogram/11 inches (Serves Approx. 4-6) - Locally made with juicy diced Chicken Breast in a ligh..

Prepared Entrée - Hearty Beef Lasagna


2 Kg (Serves Approx. 4-6) Traditional beef lasagna with rich layers of noodles, ricotta, parmesan, c..

Prepared Entrée - Romanoff Potatoes


900 Grams (Serves Approx. 4-6) A delicous mixture of grated potato, sour cream, aged cheddar and gre..

Prepared Entrée - Shepherd's Pie


2.1 Kilograms (Serves Approx. 4-6) Ground beef and fresh vegetables in delicous gravy topped with fl..

Prepared Entrée - Tourtiere (Beef) Meat Pie


1 Kilogram (Serves Approx. 4-6) Ground beef and onions with French-style spices in a home-style past..