Quick List Details

Quicklist Details

Our Quick Lists make shopping fast and easy. The lists show the most popular and most often ordered items for each category. The categories are labeled by meals to make the shopping process as easy and quick as possible. Simply click on your chosen category , scroll and click away.
If you are unable to find a food item you can search it by entering the store by categories at the top of the page or by using the search button.
For multiply numbers of the same item simply re-click the “Add to Cart” button, or click on the product name and that  will take you to the items detail page where you will find a QUANTITY button. At check-out you will be shown your full grocery order to confirm, you can delete or remove any items at that time.
Cannot Find an Item?

To submit a request simply proceed to checkout and complete Step 1 , this will automatically save your order, go to Customer Service on bottom right of page and click on Contact Us. Submit request in Enquiry field .We will get back to you promptly with the status of your request. We will always do our best to accommodate you. If you already have an account, your order will automatically save,  simply click Contact Us at bottom of any page to make a request.